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Sponsoring Nicaraguan women to become doctors.

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Adelante Mujer provides financial assistance to women who are studying to become medical doctors at the nationally certified School of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN University in Nicaragua.

Your support of this ministry allows us to help fund the education and training expenses of female medical students in Nicaragua.


The average Nicaraguan family earns less than $2,000 (US dollars) per year (of which approximately $1,600 is used for food). With the help of our donors, Adelante Mujer pays approximately $1,500 per student per year for financial assistance including required medical supplies & equipment and nutrition assistance.

Specifically, Adelante Mujer provides medical students with financial support for the following:

  • Required school suppliesbecause scarce textbooks must be shared and computers are few
  • Required medical suppliessuch as lab coats, stethoscope, scrubs, rubber gloves, blood pressure cuff, head and foot covering, surgical masks, thermometer, hand sanitizers, etc.
  • Transportationfrom the university to the hospital where students do their on site training.
  • Travel – following 6 years of study and 3 years of internship we recently made a decision to assist students with travel to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health in Managua where once their nine years of study are finished they must appear in person to receive their license to practice medicine.
  • One meal per day on campusWhen we became aware that many students could not afford a campus meal we added this cost to our financial support.


The Reason Why

The Reason Why

“Whatever you do to others you do to me” are the words that inspire us to reach out to help the people of Nicaragua. We are truly blessed to be the connection between our generous donors and the young women of Nicaragua who wish to serve their people as medical doctors.

We welcome your financial assistance in funding university expenses for young women who will serve in one of the poorest areas of the Western Hemisphere (where there is only one doctor per approx. 9,000 persons).

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Sponsoring Future Doctors in Nicaragua

Currently there are 31 Adelante Mujer doctors who have received financial assistance from Adelante Mujer.

  • 12/12/2014 We saw our first eight medical doctors take the Hippocratic oath and graduate.
  • 1/27/2016 Five more of our students pronounced the Hippocratic oath and became doctors.
  • 12/5/2016 2016 Another nine Adelante Mujer students took their Hippocratic oath and graduated as medical doctors.
  • 2/24/2018 We saw another nine students take their medical oath and become doctors.

    Presently we have a total of 31 medical doctors who have been the recipient of financial aid from the donors to Adelante Mujer. We also have 42 young women at various stages in the 6 year medical program of studies who are being financially assisted by the generosity of our donors. In the most recent semester every one of these forty-two students maintained the required 80% average in their course of studies.


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