Background Of Adelante Mujer

Adelante Mujer/Advance Woman was founded in 2009 by Sister Ann McKean, CSA when she met an academically superior Nicaraguan high school graduate. The young woman wanted to pursue a university education but was unable to do so because she did not have the money. Beginning at that moment Sister Ann, herself a university professor, was inspired to do everything in her power to financially assist similar young Nicaraguan women with aspirations for a college degree they could not afford.student-photo-collage

Adelante Mujer, recognizing the dire need for medical doctors on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, decided to focus its ministry on women who aspire to become medical doctors. Adelante Mujer provides funds for needy young women who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of six years of study required by the medical school at URACCAN University. Each month recipients of Adelante Mujer assistance are given money to help pay for school supplies and for the expensive medical supplies and equipment uniquely required for medical students. One meal per school day is also funded by Adelante Mujer because many students can hardly afford this daily expense.

On December 12, 2014 the first eight beneficiaries of Adelante Mujer graduated as medical doctors and on January 27, 2016 an additional five students pronounced the Hippocratic Oath as medical doctors! At the Promotion Ceremony on December 5th, 2016 nine more students became Adelante Mujer doctors. On February 24, 2018 another nine joined their rank. Nicaragua currently has 31 Adelante Mujer doctors, thanks to the many and generous donors who make their dream come true!

Currently, there are 42 young women who are Adelante Mujer medical students. Any donation, however large or small, is greatly needed and will benefit the education of young women whose medical service will be offered to people of the Caribbean coast.

our timeline:


  • 38 women medical students received Adelante Mujer funding for semester one, 2018.
  • On February 24 nine Adelante Mujer students became medical doctors, bringing the total to 31!
  • Due to the civil unrest in Nicaragua the semester trip to Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas was canceled in May, 2018.
  • 42 women medical students are recipients of funding for the second semester of this year.


  • The Adelante Mujer Board of Directors Development Committee prepared the first Annual Report.
  • The 2014 class of eight Adelante Mujer Doctors entered its final year of social service before becoming fully licensed physicians of Nicaragua.
  • 30 women were Adelante Mujer students during semester one of 2017 and 38 for semester two.


  • At the Promotion Ceremony on December 5th, 2016 nine Adelante Mujer students became Adelante Mujer doctors bringing the total number to 22. A member of the Adelante Mujer Board of Directors with the Assistant Director of Adelante Mujer witnessed the impressive ceremony.
  • An Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Development Committee were established.
  • There were 28 Adelante Mujer students for the second semester of 2016
  • On January 27, 2016 five Adelante Mujer students pronounced the Hippocratic Oath and became medical doctors! They began their internship at the local hospital in February.
  • The eight Adelante Mujer doctors of 2014 began their two years of social service in clinics and hospitals assigned by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.
  • Currently 13 Adelante Mujer doctors serve in various venues of eastern Nicaragua.
  • 23 students have been awarded Adelante Mujer funding for Semester One of 2016.
  • The Strategic Planning Committee initiated its work which will be discussed at every meeting of the Adelante Mujer Board of Directors.
  • Two new members were added to the Board of Directors, bringing the number to nine.


  • 17 young women received Adelante Mujer scholarships during Semester One. Adelante Mujer was able to award scholarships to 21 students for Semester Two.
  • This website was launched because of the donated time and expertise of a generous friend and benefactor
  • An accounting computer program was adopted for financial record keeping and reporting.
  • The Board of Directors engaged in a Strategic Planning Retreat to begin a design for the long term future of Adelante Mujer.


  • An Executive Team and a Board of Directors were named.
  • Adelante Mujer became a corporation and received 501©3 tax exempt status.
  • 12 students were supported for semester one, 16 for semester two.
  • The first class of eight Adelante Mujer students graduated on December 12, 2014 as medical doctors!


  • The number of Adelante Mujer recipients rose to 11, then 12.
  • The decision was made to fund only women medical students because of the great need for doctors in eastern Nicaragua.


  • With the addition of four scholarships, 10 young women now benefitted from Adelante Mujer.
  • One large grant was received to help finance Adelante Mujer


  • Adelante Mujer funded four women medical students for the first semester and six for the second.
  • Numerous donations and one small grant were received to help fund the growing number of students.


  • The first student, a woman in the medical program, was awarded an Adelante Mujer scholarship.
  • Sister Ann began to diligently solicit funds that would financially assist young women in eastern Nicaragua.


  • Adelante Mujer is founded by Sister Ann McKean, CSA.
  • The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes approved the venture.
  • Sister Ann researched universities and towns in eastern Nicaragua and chose URACCAN University in Puerto Cabezas as a partner for Adelante Mujer.