Current Students

Our students are mostly from the area of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. We have students from Waspam, Rosita, Siuana, and of course from Puerto Cabazes as well as small villages of the surrounding area.

Approximately 45 students begin their first year of study in medicine at URACCAN University and at the end of that first year 20 are chosen to continue the full 6 year program. Adelante Mujer offers funding to financially needy students in years 2-6.  We presently help 42 students to pay for tuition, school and medical supplies, one meal per school day, and two specialized medical workshops in the Leon school of medicine.

On December 12, 2014 the first eight Adelante Mujer students graduated as medical doctors and on January 27 of 2016 five additional Adelante Mujer students pronounced the Hippocratic Oath and became doctors!   Our third class of doctors completed their studies on December 5, 2016 and the fourth class finished formal studies on February 24, 2018.  The total number of Adelante Mujer doctors is 31.

After 6 years of study at the university the new doctors spend one year as interns at the local hospital and two addition years in social service at hospitals and clinics assigned by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.

Origin of students and numbers

  • Puerto CabezasTwenty-three (23) students
  • WaspamEight (8) students
  • RositaThree (3) students
  • SiunaOne (1) student
  • Jinotega One (1) student
  • Puerto LempiraOne (1) student
  • New GuineauOne (1) student