The Good News and the Sad

The Good News 

Donors sometimes ask about former medical students who became doctors.  Well, after they pronounce the Hippocratic Oath the new doctors spend one year as interns who work in the local hospital or in local clinics.  Following internship they are required to spend the next two years in “social service” which is partial payment to the government for the government’s contribution to the cost of their medical education.  The total of nine years is culminated by the presentation and defense of a research paper required by URACCAN University.  

Three of the first classes of Adelante Mujer have reached that juncture of their career.  Photos show Doctor Yeritza defending her research, the three judges who determined the worth of the research, and the joyful Doctor Yeritza with her mother after learning her hard work merited a 94%!  Congratulations to Doctor Yeritza!    


…and the Sad

On December 10, 2020, URACCAN University and its students received the shocking news that one of its young medical doctors had died of leukemia.  On her application for Adelante Mujer funding in 2016 Jurica wrote, “During my early childhood I was very sickly.  I remember that during one of the many sicknesses I was close to death and a doctor saved my life.  All I remember is that when I awoke the doctor was giving his attention to me.  From that day on I decided that I wanted to be a doctor to help anyone in need.  I want to be there for that person who needs me to know that I did all I could to help my neighbor.”  Doctor Jurica, with eight other Adelante Mujer doctors, pronounced the Hippocratic Oath on February 24, 2018.  Her internship was complete and she was almost finished with her first year of social service.  Deepest sympathy is extended to Doctor Jurica’s mother, family, and many friends.

Sister Diane, CSA ~ January 2021


The Wind Was Wild


It started about 10:00 on the night of November 16. The wind roared as the strongest bands of hurricane Iota barreled across the city where Adelante Mujer students attend medical school in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. It was the second devastating hurricane to slam their “university town” in two weeks. Together hurricane Eta and Iota caused $743 million in damages.

Gratefully, evacuations were successful and no lives were lost. Many houses along the Caribbean Sea “disappeared,” “were swept away,” or were reduced to rubble. Portions of many roofs not torn off by Eta were blown to bits by Iota. Torrential rain poured into homes. Many trees were stripped of their precious fruit and annual foliage. 

The port of Puerto Cabezas was their lifeline. It was a busy transportation, commerce, and fishing hub. An entire section of this street-wide port is now gone. Washed and blown away.

Prices of food and gasoline are five times higher than before the hurricanes. The added costs are partially due to the failing barge which slows down the transport of supplies across the Wawa River from the Pacific coast to the east coast. And there are also some entrepreneurs taking advantage of distressed people.

URACCAN University reports considerable damage but the staff is committed to continue classes in areas that are useable. The local hospital had to be evacuated so people were spared but buildings were not. Clinics are operating as well as they can. Construction of the new hospital has not begun beyond groundwork thus sparing it of structural damage.

“Never in our history have we seen such a storm,” reported our Adelante Mujer On-site Coordinator. “Yet, there is hope. The flooding receded pretty fast. People are supporting each other and helping each other. Young people are out there distributing supplies. God took care of us and God will continue to take care of us.”          

Sister Diane ~ December 2020

God Provides the Offices; We Gratefully Work in Them


When Sister Ann McKean, the foundress of Adelante Mujer, became a resident of the CSA Nazareth Court assisted living facility, her most serious concern was how we would manage the business of Adelante Mujer from her very small bedroom. With providential timing, a small office was vacated just down the hall from Sister Ann’s room. That little office became ours for the next five years. We were always grateful and regarded it as a gift of God.

When Sister Ann’s residence transferred from Nazareth Court to God’s Heavenly Court and because of other circumstances, we were notified that Adelante Mujer would need to find a different office. With the help of God and, we believe, Sister Ann, another office-gift was located. It has an inner and outer office with ample storage, the furniture was donated for our use, and rent is miraculously low. Our Adelante Mujer Board of Directors believes the new office heralds an evolvement and growth of Adelante Mujer which, thanks to our generous donors, has already financially assisted 54 women who are now medical doctors and an additional 49 students in various years of medical school in Nicaragua.

We invite you to visit our new office via the photos below. Please rejoice with us in the consistent and gracious ways Adelante Mujer is blessed to continue assisting women in Nicaragua who rely on us to help them pursue a medical degree.





Bonded by a Photo and a Prayer

It all started almost three years ago when a photo of an Adelante Mujer student was sent to each person on our mailing list. The student’s first name was printed on the photo with the request for prayer for her. The responses received from several recipients were gratifying. “I have her picture on my refrigerator and pray for her often.” “I love to see her smiling face on my dresser.” “Her picture is in my prayer book so I remember to pray for her each day.” Continue reading “Bonded by a Photo and a Prayer”

The Beautiful Blessing You Are

Semester Two of 2020 has begun for the students of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN University. Each student submitted the required grade report from the first semester and we are so very proud to announce that 49 of 51 Adelante Mujer students have qualified for funding. Below are just a few of the email messages thanking you for your financial assistance that is essential to their success.  Continue reading “The Beautiful Blessing You Are”

And the Board Works On

Due to the current pandemic, our regular meeting room was closed the day before the March meeting of Adelante Mujer Board of Directors. Our gathering had to be cancelled. Voting on important issues was conducted by email responses and business pretty much continued as usual. Then, before the Annual Meeting scheduled in July, it was agreed that an in-person, half day session was less than feasible and, besides, the facility for the meeting was still closed to outsiders. This time a 3-hour meeting by Zoom was scheduled and, gratefully, it proceeded without a hitch. The important ministry of Adelante Mujer goes on without an office to work in and without a meeting room for nine devoted women to discuss business in our familiar space.  Continue reading “And the Board Works On”

How Students Apply Their Learning

Semester One of 2020 will soon be history for Adelante Mujer students in the Intercultural Medicine program of URACCAN University in northeast Nicaragua.  In addition to attending classes, doing assignments, and helping at the hospital, our students often do volunteer work by providing health care to family, neighbors, and needy people in the area.  Below are ventures of our sixth-year students.  Continue reading “How Students Apply Their Learning”

The Legacy She Left Us

                                                                        As I said, I know I have not arrived; but there’s one thing I am doing: I’m leaving my old life behind, putting everything on the line for this mission. I am running toward the only goal that                                                                               counts: to cross the line, to win the prize, and to hear God’s call to resurrection life found exclusively in Jesus the Anointed. — Philippians 3:13-14 (Source: The Voice) 

 The quotation above is not Sister Ann McKean’s, but it well could be. Anyone who knew Sister Ann can attest to the fact that, as foundress of Adelante Mujer (Advance Woman,) she “put everything on the line for this mission.” Whether it was the welfare of the students, the success of the doctors, the pursuit of grants, the wisdom of investments, the caliber of the Board of Directors, the succession after her retirement, Sister Ann gave total energy and attention to each aspect of her mission. Someone jokingly said, “No matter what we’re discussing, Ann always manages to weave the conversation to Adelante Mujer!”  Continue reading “The Legacy She Left Us”