Photos of recent doctors in Nicaraguan

Doctors on Our Wall

Each year Adelante Mujer proudly publishes the photos and first names of the newest doctors who received financial assistance from our faithful donors and grantors. It is our privilege to walk into the office each day and see all of their smiling, grateful faces and we thought you might appreciate the same inspiring view.

The first panel features the first five classes between 2014 and 2019 while the third panel pictures the classes of 2020 through 2023 with the extra photo depicting a class when they received their computers from Adelante Mujer.

The middle panel shows four very special snapshots:

  • Some of our medical students modeling lab coats (gabachas) donated by the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach of Springfield IL,
  • A room in the Bilwi hospital where our newest doctors serve as interns,
  • Our very first Doctor Ana C. on the Rio Coco (Coconut River) for a medical mission trip during her year of social service,
  • And a class of students after meeting with them while we were in Nicaragua.

To see all of them all together is inspiring, and we devotedly share the inspiration with you.
Sister Diane ~ September 2023

wooden box, wrapped in ribbon

Giving from the Heart

Below are a few of the responses we received from donors to our recent question: Please tell us why you contribute to Adelante Mujer or how you heard about us. We are grateful for their replies, some of which we share with you.

“A very dear friend served as a nurse in Nicaragua for many years and she Continue reading “Giving from the Heart”

Treating the Children

Michayska is a fourth-year student at URACCAN. Below she shares a bit about her work with a child in her community.

First of all, cordial greetings…God bless all the people who have made it possible to achieve this scholarship. I also express my gratitude for the support that has been given to me during my university career in order to continue forward and every day closer to our goal. Through this present, I want to let you know my contribution to my city putting my knowledge into practice being an honor for me to be able to help the Continue reading “Treating the Children”

The Need Is Growing!

With a new semester starting in July, Adelante Mujer has been busy interviewing new applicants for the program. We had 18 interviews this month, showing that the need for our services keeps growing! These women are passionate about helping the people in their communities. They study hard and their financial need is real. Many talked about the cost of the bus to get to and from classes. The 10 Córdobas each way is often hard to come by. This amount is equivalent to 27¢ in US money, something Continue reading “The Need Is Growing!”

What Are the Students Doing?

Each year, the students in Adelante Mujer submit a report about their clinical work, either with an individual patient or their overall work.  Following is a report recently received from a student.  It gives you a good idea of how the students put into practice all they are learning.

I am currently in the Ophthalmology module, where I do my clinical practices in the afternoon and night shifts once a week. For now, everything is fine, and I am up to date with classes. This year I don’t have a specific patient since I don’t have time to do daily visits to a person. The 5th year is quite full of activities with the class schedule. Continue reading “What Are the Students Doing?”

Uraccan University sign on building

Culturally Competent Doctors

During a medical mission trip to Nicaragua in 2013, I was struck by the poverty and lack of access to medical resources in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The average yearly income for a Nicaraguan is only 1,950 US dollars per year.   In outlying clinics, there was no running water and no labs available.

When I asked for a pregnancy test for a young woman who I thought might be pregnant, I was told by the local nurse, “you just feel” as no test was available. In the Continue reading “Culturally Competent Doctors”

Five New Doctors

On March 15, five Adelante Mujer students took the Hippocratic Oath at the promotion ceremony of URACCAN’s Intercultural Medicine program. We are very proud of our students and all of the hard work they have completed over the past six years. With this class, Adelante Mujer is up to 75 graduates since our beginning.

New Doctors March 2023  New Doctors March 2023

The women will now begin their internship and their two years of service before they can receive their MINSA number (similar to licensing). Please keep Carol, Dora, Janiesca, Slilma, and Xochil in your prayers as they enter the next phase of medical training.
We also accepted ten new students Continue reading “Five New Doctors”

¡Muchas Gracias!

Throughout the year, we receive emails from the women in our program.  They often share their gratitude for the support we provide through your generosity.  Here are a few of the many expressions of appreciation we have received over the past year.  Some of them are from women who have been in the program for a while.  Others came from students who had just been accepted when they wrote us.  Continue reading “¡Muchas Gracias!”


As we transition to a new year, Adelante Mujer is going through a transition of its own. Marie Trebec, who has been serving our organization since 2018, is retiring. Sister Mary Christine Fellerhoff, CSA, is taking over the position of Administrative Assistant of Adelante Mujer. For the past month, Marie has been training Sister Mary Christine on the programs, processes, and software used in our office.  

Marie (left) training Sister Mary Christine on office procedure at Adelante Mujer

Continue reading “Transitions”

Prospective New Doctors

It’s that time of year again when potential new students in the Adelante Mujer program start the application process. This semester we have ten women who have applied and completed interviews! These women are all in their second year of the Intercultural Medicine program at URACCAN University. While most of these women come from the northeast area of Nicaragua, a few come from further south or west.  But they all come with a passion for helping their people.  

Continue reading “Prospective New Doctors”