Our Doctors and Students at Work

The Adelante Mujer doctors and students are making a huge difference in the availability of health care on the east coast of Nicaragua. They begin working in the hospital as early as their 3rd year of study. In addition to working in the hospital, they also go out into the community and administer to all who are in need. The photos below show some of our students and doctors at work.







A Surprise Award

Twenty-five years ago the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN) was established by and for the indigenous peoples of the area who had been deprived of higher education for far too long.

Ten years ago the same university initiated an innovative medical school which combines the medical practices of the local people with modern medicine. The InterculturMedicProgram opened in 2009.

 During October of 2009 URACCAN observed the double anniversary with a gala event.

     ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ 

When Sister Ann McKean, CSA, PhD established Adelante Mujer in 2009 she chose URACCAN University as a partner. The vision and mission of the two entities were similar: to provide higher education for the indigenous people, the poor, and women in northeast Nicaragua. 

For ten years URACCAN and Adelante Mujer have developed and valued their relationship. During each semester visit to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, Sister Diane Bauknecht, CSA, Executive Director, and two members of the Adelante Mujer Board of Directors meet with administrators of the university and with the Dean of the Medical School. 

In December of 2019 the semester visit began with the usual business and sharing of ideas for the future. At the conclusion of the meeting Ms. Ivonne McLean announced, “We have a gift for Adelante Mujer,” and formally presented Sister Diane with a beautifully inscribed wooden plaque. With humble pride and deep joy we share this news with you, our friends and donors, who make the vision and mission an award-worthy endeavor. 



Gives the present recognition to


For the unconditional support provided to students in

the Intercultural Medicine Career of URACCAN

Given in the city of Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, Autonomous Region of the

Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, October 28, 2019 

Weaving the Path of Intercultural Medicine

 Alta Suzzane Hooker Blandford President, URACCAN 

Esther Hicks, Board President

Sister Diane, Executive Director

Ivonne McLean, URACCAN Academic Secretary

Dr. Ivania Lopez, Dean of the Medical School

Mary Gorske, Board Secretary


Sister Diane ~ January 2020


Merry Christmas

I can’t help observing other shoppers as they push their loaded carts down the aisles in the busy stores. Ah, it’s Christmas again. Sometimes I see smiles on their faces. I imagine they feel they have just scored the perfect gift for someone. Other times, I only see tension. How can I please my family on this limited budget, is written all over their pinched faces as they check price tags. As December 24 approaches, some shoppers seem to disintegrate into a mad frenzy. Just grab at anything that Uncle Charley can smile at when he unwraps it, even though no one can think of anything he really wants or needs.

It’s too bad when Christmas gifting becomes stressful. Giving should be a pleasure. It should bring a smile to our faces and a warm feeling to our hearts. “People should give what they have decided in their hearts to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). Perhaps this sign should be posted in big, bold, block letters over the doorway of every store. 

I am aware that most of our readers have already donated to Adelante Mujer. You already understand what a powerful gift you give and I’m sure it brings a warm feeling to your heart. Your donations literarily save lives.

We, the Adelante Mujer Board of Directors, thank you and wish you all a very blessed, warm, and happy Christmas.

board members

Rita Thomas ~ Board Member ~ December 2019


Grateful – part 1

We hear how thankful the students are, but you don’t have the same opportunity. You deserve to receive the gratitude since the support is coming directly from you, the donors. Below are some comments from the most recent applicants who have been accepted into the program. The thoughts are from the heart, the translation from Google.  Continue reading “Grateful – part 1”

In Case You’re Wondering

When people donate they usually want to know two things: Is my money going to the cause I want to support and do recipients appreciate what I give?

The reply to the first concern is a definite “Yes, every penny of every donation is used to help young women in Nicaragua who are studying to be medical doctors. Every penny.” Continue reading “In Case You’re Wondering”