Grateful – part 2

Here are more heartfelt comments from our newest Adelante Mujer medical students. They were accepted into the program after interviewing last May and submitting all of their previous grades. An 80% GPA is required for admission and our continued support.

Have a happy weekend of joy and happiness. Sister I withdrew the money you sent me. Thank you. God bless. You have a beautiful heart and above all for the support you are giving I promise that I will continue studying and maintain my average with the help of our Lord. Spend a nice evening. Bye. Hugs and kisses. Chelola



Hello!!! Dear sister Diane. Hope that you are fine. Greetings and a big hug to all. Thank you very much for the very nice message you sent me. I’m glad for each of the words you said to me and thank you for the opportunity and I appreciate the confidence and value (you have for me). Thank you very much ❤ big kiss and love …. blessings to you. Sherly



Hello, good afternoon, Sister, I hope you are well ☺ I wanted to thank you and everyone who works in this cause to help the students. This morning I received the scholarship money. I feel very happy and very grateful to God and to all of you. Thank you very much. God bless you always. Unknown author.

Grateful – part 1

We hear how thankful the students are, but you don’t have the same opportunity. You deserve to receive the gratitude since the support is coming directly from you, the donors. Below are some comments from the most recent applicants who have been accepted into the program. The thoughts are from the heart, the translation from Google.  Continue reading “Grateful – part 1”

In Case You’re Wondering

When people donate they usually want to know two things: Is my money going to the cause I want to support and do recipients appreciate what I give?

The reply to the first concern is a definite “Yes, every penny of every donation is used to help young women in Nicaragua who are studying to be medical doctors. Every penny.” Continue reading “In Case You’re Wondering”

Dr Sayonara


*A note written in September 2017 by Sayonara in her academic year 5. Translated by Google

Hello Sister Ann,

I hope you are well, I am very pleased to greet you. I send greetings and thanks to all of our donors who make it possible for us scholars to continue studying and continue to help needy women. Continue reading “Sayonara”

Shoulder Tap

Shoulder Taps

We have all heard the expression: Every once in a while God taps us on the shoulder. Nearly every minute of every day I hear things chiming, beeping, ringing, flashing, or clicking. Texts, emails, phone calls, ads, billboards, neon lights, and alerts all fight for my attention. How can I possibly notice a little tap? Continue reading “Shoulder Taps”