The People of Caribbean Coast Of Nicaragua

The Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is one of the poorest areas of Central America, making Nicaragua second only to Haiti in poverty. The average annual income of a family is about $2,000 and 80% of that amount is spent for food. The reality is there is little or no money available for higher education. Only 4% of women in eastern Nicaragua can afford to attend a university.

Access to modern medical care is another poverty of eastern Nicaragua where there is only one doctor for approximately 9,000 persons. Visiting doctors with little or no understanding of local, traditional, medical practices are at a considerable disadvantage in trying to help the indigenous peoples of eastern Nicaragua. Therefore, the need for medical doctors specifically trained in intercultural medicine is crucial.

Adelante Mujer was founded to respond to the medical needs of the people in eastern Nicaragua. In 2009 Adelante Mujer began its partnership with URACCAN University because of its unique program of studies that combines intercultural and modern medicine. Located in Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, URACCAN offers opportunities for residents, especially women, to pursue careers in intercultural medicine.  It is the mission of Adelante Mujer to provide financial assistance to women who want to become medical doctors and it is the task of  URACCAN University to provide the education. Together, Adelante Mujer and URACCAN University address an extreme need by providing improved medical care for residents of eastern Nicaragua.

It is an honor to work with Adelante Mujer and we invite you to be a part of this effort. Whether your support is large or small, it all adds up when we work together.

Nicaragua is Unique!