14 Women Are Now Doctors!



February and March have been incredibly exciting months here at Adelante Mujer!

On February 17th we celebrated the graduation of 14 new women doctors from URACCAN University in Bilwi, Nicaragua.

We now have 89 women who have graduated from college and taken their Hippocratic Oath!

The combination of Adelante Mujer’s extraordinary achievement in supporting these 89 women through medical school, along with the 56 who are currently enrolled, and the work and effort these women have put into shaping their futures, is a beacon of hope and empowerment. In Nicaragua, the impact of Adelante Mujer’s 14 new medical school graduates resonates profoundly, particularly in their mission to serve the underserved and uplift impoverished communities. These graduates embody the spirit of compassion and dedication, poised to make a tangible difference in the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged. Their education and training equip them not only with medical expertise but also with a deep understanding of the socioeconomic challenges facing their country. As they step into the field, they carry with them a commitment to provide quality healthcare to those who need it most, regardless of financial barriers. With their newfound skills and unwavering determination, they will work tirelessly to alleviate suffering, promote wellness, and empower individuals and families to lead healthier, more dignified lives. Adelante Mujer’s graduates stand as beacons of hope, catalysts for change, and champions for the rights and well-being of Nicaragua’s poor.

Above you’ll see photos of our graduates (one is missing) receiving their stethoscopes.  Thanks to your generous support, Adelante Mujer can provide them with this tool, most likely the nicest they will ever have.

As the women in school now get up and rolling, now in their second month of this current semester, we’re looking forward to sharing new stories and updates from them coming soon!

Access to higher education matters! The advancement of women around the world matters! When you support Adelante Mujer women, you’re empowering a new generation of women, creating systemic change for future generations!

Onward! Adelante!

Kaitlyn Boscaljon
Executive Director
Adelante Mujer, Inc.