Empowering New Futures: Our transformative Journey to Guatemala


I am thrilled to share an inspiring journey that I recently embarked on to Guatemala, a trip that was as eye-opening as it was uplifting. Accompanied by Sister Diane, whose enthusiasm and wisdom enriched the experience, we set off to witness firsthand the profound need in a new area of Central America.  We witnessed how your generosity has the power to change lives and opening new doors of opportunity for many deserving young women. Our experiences reaffirmed the importance of our mission and highlighted exciting new possibilities for growth and greater service through Adelante Mujer.

A Heartfelt Journey

Our adventure began on a Sunday, with a flight from Milwaukee to Guatemala City. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Sandra Corrigan, our translator, and soon met Jayme, our driver, along with Sister Argelina. Sister Argelina, a dedicated member of the School Sisters of St. Francis (SSSF) and the head of The Center for Alternative Programs, guided us to our destination in Santa Apolonia.

The Center for Alternative Programs

The Center is a sanctuary of hope and opportunity, featuring a unique complex where city streets interlace with welcoming apartment-style homes. These homes, each with four bedrooms, a communal living space, and modern amenities, serve as a haven for the residents. The Center also houses a woodworking shop and a shoemaking factory, showcasing the sisters’ commitment to self-sustainability. Until recently, the Center operated as an orphanage, caring for around 50 children. However, due to recent government reforms, the focus has shifted, marking a poignant transition for the sisters.

A New Mission: Empowering Young Women

In response to these changes, Sister Argelina launched a new initiative aimed at supporting young women. Many former orphans, now returned to impoverished family situations, continue to receive financial and emotional support from the Center. The current mission is to provide these young women, aged 18 and above, with housing and a path to higher education. This nurturing environment allows them to pursue their dreams, particularly in fields like nursing, where three of the nine residents are currently focused.

The Impact of Your Support

Meeting these remarkable young women was transformative. Their intelligence, passion, and determination to succeed were evident. They have the potential to become exceptional leaders and contributors to society, thanks to the support they receive. However, the Center’s capacity is limited by funding, and this is where your generosity can make a significant difference. With USD $4000 per year, another young woman can be given the chance to pursue her dreams.

A Glimpse into Lives Transformed

During our visit, we had the privilege to meet Aura Chuluc and Yulissa Chacach, two high school seniors with aspirations of attending San Carlos University’s pre-med program. Despite living in extreme poverty, their academic excellence and resolve are inspiring. While the government covers tuition at this public university, living expenses remain a hurdle. This presents a unique opportunity for Adelante Mujer to extend our support beyond the Center’s current capabilities.

Building a Stronger Future Together

The alignment between the Center’s mission and Adelante Mujer’s vision is profound. This partnership could offer donors a more tangible way to engage, from funding educational pursuits to participating in medical, dental, or physical work projects in Guatemala. The logistics are feasible, and the impact is immeasurable.

As we forge ahead, I am excited about the potential of this collaboration and the lives we can transform together. Your continued support is not just appreciated—it is vital. I look forward to sharing more stories and updates with you and am eager to explore how we can further this incredible mission.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your generosity is paving the way for brighter futures. Please follow along and continue giving generously!

Onward! Adelante!

Kaitlyn Boscaljon
Executive Director
Adelante Mujer, Inc.


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