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New Beginnings

The school year in Nicaragua, unlike that in the United States, follows the calendar year.  When we visited students in December, they were completing the second semester of 2019.  As is our practice, we met with each class of students currently funded by Adelante Mujer. Continue reading “New Beginnings”

beating the odds

Beating the Odds

Daunting are the challenges that a young woman has to face if she wants to become a physician in a culture where some 13-year-olds become mothers, where most children legally end school at age 12, and where the average annual family income is less than $2,000.

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application process

The Application Process

I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Cabezas last December and observe first-hand the interview process of our potential new Adelante Mujer doctors. Listening to their stories, I was astounded by their fortitude. Next month I will write more about them individually, but first I want to explain the interview and selection process.

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Meet Our Moms

When someone from the Adelante Mujer team travels to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, it is for business.  We zip around the area between the university, the hospital, and the bank.  Sometimes we go to each place two or three or four times. One night was an exception because we went to church for liturgy with all the URACCAN University graduates.  Bishop David Zywiec,  OFM Cap. presided with the prayerful gathering in the completely filled San Pedro (St. Peter) church.

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