My First Trip: Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas

After joining the Board of Directors of Adelante Mujer in July 2016 I made my first visit to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the second poorest region in the Western Hemisphere, in December. I was thrilled to be able to travel to Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, with Sister Diane Bauknecht, where we attended the graduation of nine (one not pictured) new Adelante Mujer Doctors.

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Meet Our Moms

When someone from the Adelante Mujer team travels to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, it is for business.  We zip around the area between the university, the hospital, and the bank.  Sometimes we go to each place two or three or four times. One night was an exception because we went to church for liturgy with all the URACCAN University graduates.  Bishop David Zywiec,  OFM Cap. presided with the prayerful gathering in the completely filled San Pedro (St. Peter) church.

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