Grateful – part 2

Here are more heartfelt comments from our newest Adelante Mujer medical students. They were accepted into the program after interviewing last May and submitting all of their previous grades. An 80% GPA is required for admission and our continued support.

Have a happy weekend of joy and happiness. Sister I withdrew the money you sent me. Thank you. God bless. You have a beautiful heart and above all for the support you are giving I promise that I will continue studying and maintain my average with the help of our Lord. Spend a nice evening. Bye. Hugs and kisses. Chelola



Hello!!! Dear sister Diane. Hope that you are fine. Greetings and a big hug to all. Thank you very much for the very nice message you sent me. I’m glad for each of the words you said to me and thank you for the opportunity and I appreciate the confidence and value (you have for me). Thank you very much ❤ big kiss and love …. blessings to you. Sherly



Hello, good afternoon, Sister, I hope you are well ☺ I wanted to thank you and everyone who works in this cause to help the students. This morning I received the scholarship money. I feel very happy and very grateful to God and to all of you. Thank you very much. God bless you always. Unknown author.

Grateful – part 1

We hear how thankful the students are, but you don’t have the same opportunity. You deserve to receive the gratitude since the support is coming directly from you, the donors. Below are some comments from the most recent applicants who have been accepted into the program. The thoughts are from the heart, the translation from Google.


Thank God I’m doing well in classes. I feel very grateful for the opportunity they (Adelante Mujer) has given me. Thank you for accepting me into the Adelante Mujer group.Thank you very much. Ingrid




Really thank you very much for this help you provide for me. May God bless you and the others. Laysha




That’s good news sister Diane. I am very happy that I have been approved for the grant. I pledge to work hard to keep the scholarship each semester. Best regards. Geiny



Good morning sister Diane. I hope you are in good health. The reason for this message is to thank you with all my heart for giving me the opportunity to be eligible for the scholarship. I will do everything that is in my hands in order to have a good average and I hope not to disappoint you. Again thank you. Fanny



Thank you sister Diane. God blesses me greatly. Kisses and hugs. Successes! Maikelin

In Case You’re Wondering

When people donate they usually want to know two things: Is my money going to the cause I want to support and do recipients appreciate what I give?

The reply to the first concern is a definite “Yes, every penny of every donation is used to help young women in Nicaragua who are studying to be medical doctors. Every penny.” Continue reading “In Case You’re Wondering”

Dr Sayonara


*A note written in September 2017 by Sayonara in her academic year 5. Translated by Google

Hello Sister Ann,

I hope you are well, I am very pleased to greet you. I send greetings and thanks to all of our donors who make it possible for us scholars to continue studying and continue to help needy women. Continue reading “Sayonara”

Why Support Adelante Mujer?

Why choose to support Adelante Mujer when there are so many places in the world where people are displaced from their homes by war; where hunger is common; where basic needs like clean water, health care, and shelter are unavailable? We all have limited resources and want to help others less fortunate. How do we choose when we cannot help everyone?

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Meet Our New Doctors

These nine remarkable woman graduated from URACCAN University on Feb. 24, 2018. We now have a total of thirty-one doctors who were supported by your donations and are now working as doctors in that region. These doctors received your support, through Adelante Mujer, between one to four years during their studies. All nine have now begun their internships at the local hospital and clinics.

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student update

Student Update

On our bi-annual trip to Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas this past December, we met many medical students who came to apply for our financial assistance. Once again, I am impressed by the caliber of these young women. They are serious, determined, intelligent, and devoted to their goal of helping to heal the sick in their communities.

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Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas – Krismis Yamni

As I sit here in the Managua Airport awaiting my flight from the balmy tropics of Nicaragua to the freezing blasts of another Wisconsin winter, I have time to reflect on our recent interviews with our current students from medical school in Puerto Cabezas as well as the candidates, young women who, despite living in one of the most impoverished regions in the world, refuse to give up on their dream of bringing medical help to those who, like themselves, have had to survive with little or nothing.

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Ten New Students Accepted

Sister Diane made the semi-annual trip to Puerto Cabezas/Bilwi in early May 2017. The schedule is always full on these visits, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and often not ending until 8:00 p.m. While there she meets with our contacts at the university and visits the hospital where she often runs into our graduates. She meets with our local administrator and handles our banking needs. The most important meetings though are those with our current students and the interviews with new applicants.

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