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22 Adelante Mujer Doctors! How Did You Do That?

If you believe in miracles, you will see it is a series of miracles that support the success of Adelante Mujer. And who are the miracle makers?

Let’s start with God who must have heard Sister Ann McKean, CSA say, “I don’t even know how to raise money and yet I intend to start Adelante Mujer to help fund a higher education degree for some bright, needy women in Nicaragua!”  Immediately she was inspired to “just tell about the need” and ever since, she continues to solicit funds at every opportunity. Family, friends, visitors, doctors, nurses, even airline passengers and stewardesses have received “the pitch” and Adelante Mujer brochure to invite them to join the mission. Many respond. “God is blessing this project,” she remarks with each new “miracle.”

The major helper to God has been Sister Ann who believed that there are generous, ordinary people in the United States who would be honored and proud to give to a cause as important as helping to educate women in a country where their opportunity is only about 4%. Sister Ann also believed US people know that the improved healthcare in any country, including Nicaragua, benefits the health of citizens around the world. She believed people would join the effort. More than nine years ago she began asking people to become part of her vision and she hasn’t stopped since!

Thirdly, Adelante Mujer is blessed by donors. We have so many, many regular donors who send $20 whenever they can or $100 each month for a year or birthday gift money or monthly bingo winnings. “No donation is too small,” Sister Ann advises. “If you give a quarter, it will be put to good use.” “This project is the work of the people,” she says. “They are Adelante Mujer.  Our privilege is to share the generosity of donors with those who need a little help right now.”

Special gratitude is always due to a Franciscan order of men because, in 2012, its gift of $20,000 gave Adelante Mujer a very welcome “jump start.” Then, there is one couple that, each spring, donates the interest from an IRA account. Several congregations of women and men and a few foundations have awarded grants or made donations as their commitment to a ministry in Nicaragua, the second poorest country of our hemisphere. Recently a woman in her 70s contacted us because she has included Adelante Mujer in her will. “Just don’t pray that I die soon,” she quipped.  And last month we received the life insurance policy of the deceased woman whose husband explained, “She always liked to help children and young people. Our family wants to donate in her name.”

Added to monetary contributions, we are blessed with donations of service. “We like to help in a way we can,” says our web developer from Glendale Designs who, over the years, has donated labor and expertise worth thousands of dollars. Volunteers, a CSA sister and associate, prepare all envelops and mailings three times a year. A CSA sister-artist designed our logo and thank you cards. The Board of Directors, nine women, are uncompensated for service or travel expenses. The Adelante Mujer office, heat, AC, phone, and internet are free gifts of our Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA.) We also have a retired sister whose ministry is to pray for Adelante Mujer. This she does every day and “whenever I wake up at night I pray for the students, doctors, and teachers. I remember donors, the board of directors, and you two sisters in the office,” she told us. She encourages everyone else to ask God for continued blessings when she makes Adelante Mujer the primary intention of the morning liturgy.

So that’s how we do it: God, vision, donors, volunteers, prayers!  Everyone is welcome to be a part of the “miracles.”

by Sister Diane, CSA    March 9, 2017
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