Aug 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Donors,

The most exciting news since our Easter letter is that this month we had sufficient funding to accept four new students into the program. Beginning with this July semester there are a total of 21 Adelante Mujer women preparing to become medical doctors in Nicaragua! That good news is a tribute to your generosity.

Because I was being treated for cancer I was not able to travel to Nicaragua during May. Thank you for your prayers. My recovery is progressing well.

Sister Diane Bauknecht, our Secretary/Treasurer, travelled to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua during May. Her first stop was at the hospital to visit with our Adelante Mujer graduates. It was absolutely thrilling to see them. The eight graduates are spending this year as interns under the supervision of Dr. Manuel Salas. Each is currently assigned to a department of the hospital for a certain length of time and then she is rotated into another area. This revolving schedule affords invaluable hands-on experience before the doctors are assigned for the next two years of service when they will be much more independent and responsible for care of patients.

Keyling, Anielka, Cleotilde, Tecla, Alexandra
Keyling, Anielka, Cleotilde, Tecla, Alexandra

Another task Sister Diane accomplished was meeting with 16 of the 17 current recipients of Adelante Mujer financial assistance. The young, student doctors enthusiastically related what they are currently studying and how grateful they are to all of you who financially provide the opportunity for them to pursue their dream of becoming medical doctors. At the evening meeting photos of the students were taken and I proudly attach a copy of the five students who will be Adelante Mujer doctors in December of 2015.

While Sister Diane was in Nicaragua she had planned to interview three applicants for Adelante Mujer. Much to her surprise, she was presented with 12 applications. With the assistance of Kay Stubbs as interpreter, all 12 women were interviewed. The sad news about this aspect of the visit is we have funding for only four of the students. Eight could not be accepted though their grades are good and their financial need is extreme. When I related this predicament to the Board of Directors last month it was suggested that we advise you of the situation and ask if you are in a position to help alleviate this need.

Some options would be:

I have always said that a donation of any amount, however large or small, is welcome. We know that you will continue to give as you are able. For your convenience I have enclosed a donation form. If you do not need it, please pass it on to someone who may be interested in supporting the Adelante Mujer project. Adelante Mujer is YOUR ministry as much as it is ours. Students and Nicaragua are grateful beneficiaries, thanks to your generous support.

In gratitude,
Sister Ann McKean, CSA
Executive Director of Adelante Mujer, Inc.
Please consider Adelante Mujer, Inc. in your estate planning.

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