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We have a guest writer for our blog, a generous friend of Adelante Mujer. 

In late October of 2011 Sister Ann contacted us via phone to discuss a brochure she needed us to design. We met in our office the following week to discuss the details and our journey with Adelante Mujer began.

Sister Ann confidently sat across the desk from James, our sales manager, and described the project to him with great enthusiasm. She knew exactly what she was looking for and could explain her vision for the brochure as well as for Adelante Mujer!

The closer we came to wrapping up the details, the more obvious it became that adequate funding for the project did not exist.

After the meeting the team debated possible payment options for Sister Ann and it was decided to provide the work pro-bono in order to further the cause. We love the idea of supporting Adelante Mujer, which finances the educational and training expenses of Nicaraguan women wishing to become doctors.

Sister Ann was delighted and graciously proclaimed: ”Great – and thank you – I will pray for you!”

Glendale Designs continues to support Adelante Mujer, including web development and graphic design. We feel this is our way of giving back to the community; helping woman become doctors to provide care to many that would otherwise never receive it.

Since that fateful first meeting, it was also agreed to develop, launch and maintain Adelante Mujer’s website.

Glendale Designs specializes in developing eCommerce and informational web sites since 1996. We hope that by donating our skills, Adelante Mujer will benefit with increased exposure & funding to help additional students become doctors.

Feel free to contact Glendale Designs, if you and your company need assistance with a web project. Mention Adelante Mujer during the initial consultation and we will donate a percentage of the project fee to further their cause.

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Thank you, James, for the donation of your time and expertise these five years since first meeting with Sister Ann.  Your generosity is appreciated more than you know.

Sister Diane, CSA  ~  September 27, 2016
Please consider Adelante Mujer, Inc. in your estate planning.

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