Those Who Show Mercy in Nicaragua

Our last blog pictured people in the US who bless Adelante Mujer with their service.  This blog describes a few of our many blessings in Nicaragua.

Students who will be doctors in eastern Nicaragua are numbered among the greatest and most hopeful blessings for whom donors share their resources.
 In addition to their heavy schedule of classes, study, and working in the hospital, students volunteer time and knowledge with young teen girls and with expectant mothers.


Johndar,  for several years, has  provided safe transportation for Sisters Ann and Diane during their work in Puerto  Cabezas.  He has graciously accompanied us to the university, hospital, store, convent, bank, or airport and everywhere in between. Drs. Johndar

On January 27, 2016 our devoted helper became Dr. Johndar.


When Sister Ann researched three universities in Nicaragua she was impressed by URACCAN which was founded in 1994 by and for the indigenous people of the Caribbean costal area.  Because of its commitment to the poor, the indigenous, and women, Sister Ann chose URACCAN to partner with Adelante Mujer.  In 2015 “Letters of Agreement” were signed between the Adelante Mujer and URACCAN.  Adelante Mujer is grateful for its relationship with URACCAN University.Nicaragua-5.2015-049a


Dr. Manuel Salas (left) has been the Dean of the Intercultural Medical School and served as contact person for Adelante Mujer with URACCAN University.  His consistent guidance and support of Adelante Mujer since its inception cannot be measured. 

Dr. Salas and Sister MariseSister Marise, CSA (right,) missionary in Nicaragua, represented Adelante Mujer at the promotion of five new Adelante Mujer Doctors on January 27, 2016.

Kay (front in red blouse) interpreted for Sister Diane and students during both semester visits of 2015.  During 2014 Sister Miriam Therese assisted with interpretation.  When students apply for financial assistance from Adelante Mujer or if other documents need translation from Spanish to English, Sisters Emily, Vivian, Katie, and Marise have been invaluable resources.


For decades, CSA Sisters ministered in Puerto Cabezas where they taught and administered in the schools. When Sister Ann first began to work in Puerto Cabezas she stayed in the CSA convent.  After the sisters left Puerto she was invited to stay with Selmira who generously shared her home and delicious meals with Sisters Ann and Diane and their interpreters. 

mealCurrently, Selmira serves as the On-site Coordinator of Adelante Mujer Funds which she distributes monthly to our grateful students.

Those who show mercy will have mercy shown them. Matthew 5:7

by Sister Diane, CSA, April 25, 2016
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