not for the money

Not in it for the Money

Who, then, would pursue a medical career when there is little or no opportunity for financial advancement? Adelante Mujer doctors URACCAN University – Adelante Mujer tell us that their motivation is to assist the people in their area where good health care is at a premium. They will help indigenous people to have access to care without having to.

Drs. Heydi and Nora

walk miles and miles to find a doctor. They will work in the hospital that is understaffed and has waiting lines that extend beyond the hospital doors. They will make a difference in the barrios and communities where doctors are seldom seen. They know they are able to communicate with the indigenous people who often cannot understand the language or the methods of visiting doctors who occasionally come from other countries to provide medical care.

Pronouncing the Hippocratic Oat
Dr. Ana with patient in Pediatrics









These new doctors have a deep commitment to their people, they love and respect the poor, they take seriously the Hippocratic Oath they pronounced on graduation day, December 12, 2014. On that beautiful morning each of the new doctors raised their right hand and repeated the oath which ends in this inspiring statement: “May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.” Hippocratic Oath – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pronouncing the Hippocratic Oat

by Sister Diane, CSA
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