Trip to visit medical students

People have asked me, “What do you do when you or a representative of Adelante Mujer travels to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua each semester?”  You are invited to share a capsulized version of my very engaging and rewarding trip a few weeks ago.

May 12 noon
– Arrived in Puerto Cabezas on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua with interpreter, Kay Stubbs

May 12 afternoon
Visited local hospital to see Adelante Mujer doctors who graduated in December of 2014.
– Met with 2 current Adelante Mujer medical students.
– Interviewed 5 applicants requesting Adelante Mujer funding for the July, 2015 semester.

May 13 morning
Met with personnel of URACCAN University to finalize “Letter of Understanding” between Adelante Mujer and URACCAN.

May 13 afternoon
Interviewed an additional 7 applicants for funding for the July semester.

May 13 evening
Met with 14 current Adelante Mujer students who could not come on May 12.

May 14 morning
– Bid farewell to my interpreter who flew to Managua
– Enjoyed the weather and beauty of Puerto Cabezas from the spacious porch of our host family.

May 14 afternoon
Met with Dr. Salas, Director of Intercultural Medical Program of URACCAN University.

May 15 morning
Organized notes of meetings and interviews.

May 15 afternoon
Met with Banpro bank manager to obtain documentation about Adelante Mujer account
– Participated in televised, formal signing of the “Letter of Understanding” mentioned above.

May 15 evening
Met with On-site Coordinator of Adelante Mujer Scholarship Funds

May 16 noon
Flew to Managua

Of our 17 medical students, I was able to visit with 16!  That was quite an accomplishment when one considers their busy class schedules and hospital shifts and my limited time in Puerto Cabezas.  Students expressed deep gratitude for the financial assistance received and for the professional procedures followed by the On-site Coordinator who distributes the funds to them each month.  It was a joy to see such enthusiastic young women who will be medical doctors in the near future.

Thank you to everyone who helps support Adelante Mujer medical students!  Any donation, large or small, is needed and appreciated and is tax deductible.

Sister Diane
Please consider Adelante Mujer, Inc. in your estate planning.

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