Students say, “We Can’t Believe It!”

“To think that strangers give their money so we can follow our dream to become doctors is so beautiful to us,” recipients of Adelante Mujer financial assistance have told Sister Ann. “Those people never met us and they help pay our educational expenses here in Nicaragua! They are so generous!”


We assure the future doctors that many wonderful people consider it a privilege to share their resources with them because of their commitment to improve the health care of their people.” Sister Ann tells them, “We are all sisters and brothers, you know. We help each other. It’s what God’s family does. It’s what Adelante Mujer donors do. All they ask in return is that you will be good doctors.”

Dr. Salas, Sister Ann, student Cleotilde
Dr. Salas, Sister Ann, student Cleotilde

Dr. Manuel Salas, dean of the School of Intercultural Medicine of URACCAN University, URACCAN – Uraccan University echoes similar sentiments. “You are our guardian angel,” he tells Sister Ann, the foundress of Adelante Mujer. URACCAN University – Adelante Mujer “No,” she insists, “the donors are the angels! They share their resources, they provide the funds. All we do is transfer their generosity to deserving students. It is an honor and we deserve no credit.”

Adelante Mujer works only because of donor generosity. Students may find it hard to believe that such kindness is directed to them but it is, THANKS TO DONORS!

by Sister Diane, CSA
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