Ten New Students Accepted

Sister Diane made the semi-annual trip to Puerto Cabezas/Bilwi in early May 2017. The schedule is always full on these visits, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and often not ending until 8:00 p.m. While there she meets with our contacts at the university and visits the hospital where she often runs into our graduates. She meets with our local administrator and handles our banking needs. The most important meetings though are those with our current students and the interviews with new applicants.

The outcome of the interview for our applicants is often critical to their continued status as students. If they qualify, it can mean they will be able to eat one meal per day on campus. It can mean that they will have enough money to obtain required study materials or purchase required supplies. Without the $1,300 per year that we provide, many of the girls will need to temporarily suspend their education and go to work or drop out altogether.

Interviews can be stressful for the students

We had 15 students apply this semester and 10 qualified with a GPA over 80%. The other 5 were encouraged to work on getting their grades up and reapplying in December 2017. Because of our donations, Adelante Mujer was able to fund all 10 who qualified; in other words, no one was rejected due to lack of funds. We don’t accept anyone until we have sufficient funds set aside for their remaining years of study.

That means we have 10 more young women on their way to becoming doctors. Good for you, my fellow donors. Together we are providing medical doctors and improving the quality of medicine in a country where little or none existed before.

Rita Thomas ~ Board Member October 7, 2017
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