Notes From Our Student Doctors

This is Jurica, one of our student doctors in her 6th year, and this is a translation of what she wrote regarding some of the work she is currently doing in the hospital in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas.

“During the present period I have focused more on voluntary help in the orthopedic ward. I have met women who have spent more than one month in the hospital. I take weekend shifts on a voluntary basis with those who perform cures, and I  help with clinical records.”

Solangie, also a student in year 6 writes this:

“First of all I want to thank Sister Ann, foundress of Adelante Mujer, and all those who join her, for this great support that gives us, students of  Intercultural Medicine of URACCAN University, aid so that we can help other women in need in the community and in the hospital. We help with different diseases such as chronic hypertension, and diabetes mellitus among others. We provide counseling for proper care with their diets and medications needed for their underlying disease. Thank you again for the unconditional support. Blessings!”

Just a few years ago, there was no one available to go into the small villages to bring medical assistance. When people became ill, they had to walk miles for help, and many times not until the disease was well advanced. Solangie, and other students, beginning in year 3, start using their medical training by traveling to some of the local communities. They visit patients in their homes as well as in small make-shift clinics. The patient in the photo, having her blood pressure checked, is in the Kamla community. Your donations are so important and are doing such great things. These two students will be graduating very soon and will then begin their first year internship.

Blessings indeed!

Rita Thomas ~ Board Member November 7, 2017
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