Jhorda & Jakelyne

The Other Classes of Medical Students

The ten Adelante Mujer students in their final year of medical school are not the only wonderful women who met with me during the semester visit last month.

 https://www.womanadvance.com//introducing-next-adelante-mujer-doctors/ Other classes of students for whom donors to Adelante Mujer provide necessary financial assistance are shown below.

Meet students Jhorda and Jakelyn who are now fifth year medical students. Both have been recipients of Adelante Mujer funds for three years. As more and more of their time is required for working in the hospital, they have more and more need to purchase medical supplies. Every time their lab coats (gabachas) are soiled with blood or anything else they must have a clean replacement on hand to change. “Sometimes we need three different coats in one day,” I was told.  “Your good people help us buy “gabachas” and scrubs and all the other supplies we need every day.  We don’t know how we could manage without Adelante Mujer.”

Nine students in their fourth year of medical school are also Adelante Mujer students. Seven of them are featured here.” They said, “We don’t have books to use for study so we have to photocopy just about everything.  Without the money you give us each month we could never afford to pay for all the photocopying we have to do for our classes.  Some days we could not even eat at the university without the funding from Adelante Mujer. Tell the people that we are so grateful.”

The third year students are Juniesca and Karla.  In their first year as Adelante Mujer students they are eager to do well in their studies.  They reported that they are very conscientious about doing assignments and then they enjoy sharing their learning with others.  Both have volunteered to give health related workshops to small groups of children and/or women in the area.

The new semester at URACCAN University in Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua begins during July when a few new applicants will be eligible for Adelante Mujer funding.  You can look forward to meeting them on this site in the near future.

by Sister Diane, CSA  June 20, 2016
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