Introducing the Next Adelante Mujer Doctors

It is my pleasure and pride to introduce our Adelante Mujer six-year students in the medical program of URACCAN University in Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.

In the back row are Ingrith, Lidicy, Karina, Rosa, Kathlen, and Elisa del Carmen. Seated in front are Yeritza, Jhomarie, Kira, and Natalia. The non-medical student in the center is me, Sister Diane.

There are many tasks for me during the semester visits to Nicaragua. Among the really enjoyable ones are the interviews with applicants hoping to receive Adelante Mujer financial assistance. Another joy is meeting with class groups of students who already receive the benefits of Adelante Mujer’s generous donors.

On the very hot Sunday afternoon of May 22nd each class came to the scheduled meeting with me and Sister Marise, my very competent interpreter. The final class meeting was with the group shown above. Though some had worked hospital shifts during the weekend and all had homework and class preparations for Monday, they came with the spirit and commitment you can see in their happy faces. They shared chairs around the crowded table and expressed excitement over the possibility that their last month in medical school might include the experiences offered in the expansive hospital of Managua. They sent greetings and gratitude to Sister Ann, Foundress and Executive Director of Adelante Mujer, whose success at finding donors in the US helps them realize their dream to become doctors in eastern Nicaragua. And they posed for this photo to share with you.

May God continue to bless them on their quest to serve their people as medical doctors!

by Sister Diane, CSA     June 6, 2016
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