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To Be a Donor or Not to Be

If you are a donor and wonder if your gift is appreciated, you will find your answer below.
If you aren’t a donor and wonder if anyone will appreciate your contribution, please continue reading. These are just a sample of notes we received from our grateful medical students.

Malu wrote:

“First of all I want to thank you for the great opportunity that you have given me. I am thanking God and you for the support that every day helps me excel in my career as a professional through the help of Adelante Mujer.”


“I would like to greatly thank you for the financial support which the organization Adelante Mujer has given each of us. Your help is very supportive to us and that way we can provide support and counseling and attention to our female patients.”


“I would like to say to all my sponsors, everyone who has supported me to achieve my goals, that I am very grateful and very happy.  All of you are my strength and my motor to keep me going in achieving my career and continue my studies for becoming a medical doctor and to be able to serve my region.  I promise to never take anything for granted for all that you have done for me.”


“Thank you for your vote of confidence in me by the economic and moral support I have received and for giving the opportunity to so many women to study and improve ourselves as people. Thanks a lot.”


“For the support that was provided during all this year, it was a great blessing.  Many thanks that God blesses us in this great way.”


“When I am able to provide for the possible well-being of people I give thanks to God and the support of Adelante Mujer that I can achieve it.”


“I am grateful to you, Sister Ann, and to all the donors who make it possible for us to follow our career and move forward.”

Happy Thanksgiving from Adelante Mujer/Advance Woman!

by Sister Diane, CSA November 21, 2016
Please consider Adelante Mujer, Inc. in your estate planning.

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