Visiting Adelante Mujer/Advance Woman! Doctors

Eight new Adelante Mujer doctors in Puerto Cabezas are currently working in the local hospital as interns.  When Sister Diane visited she found the young doctors busy within their rotations throughout the various departments of the hospital.  Each of the doctors reported that her work was exciting and fulfilling though the long hours were exhausting.

With the dramatic shortage of medical personnel in eastern Nicaragua, the work of the few extends well beyond the scheduled hours.  Sometimes a doctor sees as many as 80-100 patients a day.

Some citizens of the US have commented to us, “Now that the doctors are entering their professional life they will be well compensated.”  In Nicaragua that is not the case.  Doctors in Nicaragua are miserably underpaid.  Adelante Mujer doctors are paid less than $10 a day.  We were informed that the experienced surgeon at the hospital receives only about $700 a month!

Students in Nicaragua do not enter the profession to become rich.  They pursue the career because the need for doctors is so great and because they feel called to serve the local population which is deprived of adequate medical care.  It is the privilege of Adelante Mujer to contribute to young women who generously give themselves to serve the needs of their people without receiving the compensation they definitely deserve.

If you would like to join the effort to financially assist young women who aspire to become medical doctors, please consider making a donation to Adelante Mujer, Inc.  No gift is too small to help support the dire medical need in eastern Nicaragua.

by Sister Diane
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