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Several of the Adelante Mujer medical students have been introduced on this blog, a few doctors were named, some donors were quoted.  Today you will meet the Board of Directors whose direction and oversight is invaluable to the progress of Adelante Mujer.

The first phase of this introduction is to refer you to our recently updated website page which provides a snapshot of what each person brings as experience and expertise when she serves Adelante Mujer.
Today’s blog is different from the web page sited.  This page shares personal reasons why each member said “yes” when invited to join the board.


As the Foundress of Adelante Mujer Sister Ann McKean definitely wants to be a part of the Board of Directors but she doesn’t intend to be the leader of it.  She wants the input of the insightful women who serve as board members.  Though she initiated the project to educate needy, intelligent young women in Nicaragua, she believes that the board members are the ones who will direct its future.Barb

Barb Senn says she believes in advancing women around the globe.  The goal of Adelante Mujer to assist with the education of young women who want to serve their co-citizens of Nicaragua aligns with her beliefs and values for women around the world.   “I believe I have something to help grow Adelante Mujer and, besides, I am a dear friend of Sister Ann.”

carylSister Caryl Hartjes believes that her involvement is related to assisting with the evolvement of the project.  She is a former nurse and missionary to Nicaragua.  Now in her retirement she is able to devote her time and rich, cultural exposure and learning to Adelante Mujer which she considers to be a “fine movement.”

Diane. Because of its strong alignment to the history and mission of the Sisters of St. Agnes, Sister Diane Bauknecht is proud to be of service to Adelante Mujer.  Education, health care, higher education, Nicaragua, advancing women help define CSA and Adelante Mujer.  It is a blessing to be a part of the board that will influence the rich CSA history and mission into the future.

Esther “The mission of Adelante Mujer is close to my heart because of its purpose,” stated Esther Hicks.  “Its work is to build the capacity of indigenous women in Nicaragua to be professional physicians and leaders in their communities.  I am pleased and privileged to promote the mission that helps women create a better future for their children and country.”Judith

 Sister Judith Schmidt says that because of her many opportunities and experiences she feels it is an honor and privilege to “give back.”  Having traveled to Nicaragua she hopes to share her passion and her love for people by offering her expertise while at the same time being enriched by the interests and love of life she witnessed in Nicaragua.

SusanThe focus on preparing women as doctors is of great interest to Sister Susan Stucki.  With extensive and current experience on various boards she is more than willing to share her learning with other board members who trust her wisdom and insight.  She appreciates using her experience in supporting women who are receiving education to become medical doctors in Nicaragua.


by Sister Diane, CSA   December 7, 2015
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