Happy Students

Thanks to so many people who responded generously to the request for donations to purchase laptops for Adelante Mujer students. During  June, Adelante Mujer was able to provide much needed computers to 27 students! What a blessing. Please take a look at the smiles when Kathy Levy, the Adelante Mujer Coordinator in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas presented the electronic treasures to medical students who will no longer be forced to study using cell phones they own or borrow. 




On a very sad note we share the news that Dr. Leajheen, who was in her second year of required social service, was returning from a medical duty when the motorcycle she was on, tipped over.  During or after the surgery to repair her broken leg, she died of a lung embolism. A colleague described Leajheen as “A hero in white robes.”    



Sister Diane  ~  July 2021


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