Dr Sayonara


*A note written in September 2017 by Sayonara in her academic year 5. Translated by Google

Hello Sister Ann,

I hope you are well, I am very pleased to greet you. I send greetings and thanks to all of our donors who make it possible for us scholars to continue studying and continue to help needy women.

Last semester was very nice. We learned many things new, things that we had never learned and never seen before. The second semester we started with renovascular disease; everything related to the kidney system. It was very nice. All day Tuesday we have exams of this module. Our clinical practices and experiences are more and more. Every day we learn more and new things that will help us to help those who need medical help, we finished the module on Friday 01 September we now start other classes on Monday 04.

My project is a 38-year-old woman with respiratory problems, throat problems for the reason that she can not speak so well since it causes her pain and is inflamed. At first she was like this but since I have been seeing her the medication is making her better. She recently started to present respiratory and pressure problems so I will continue to support her and take her to the hospital. The doctors are watching and I help where I can, like giving her the medication, explaining about how to eat, take care, and follow the treatment.

Again, I thank you and all those who help us and have good will. I am very grateful for all the support you have given me, and the computer that facilitates me. From there I study and do my work. I send you many thanks, kisses, and hugs.

Sayonara is one of the students who is expected to graduate this year, 2019. The graduation was to take place in Dec. 2018, but due to the malaria outbreak, and the need for their help treating patients, the graduation was postponed. The latest word is that it will take place on Mar. 23, 2019.

Rita Thomas ~ Board Member ~ Mar. 2019
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