Karina with Expectant Mother

Student Doctors Help Women and Teens

Adelante Mujer students have a grueling schedule in medical school.  Added to that, they face demanding responsibilities in the local hospital.  Yet, on weekends, students often volunteer in the community and their outreach is frequently to women and teen girls.

posterOn Women’s Day, March 8, 2015 the third year medical students visited the clinic to promote “Proud to Be a Woman” theme.  On Mothers’ Day in Nicaragua, May 30, 2015 the students shared tips for hygiene and health care during pregnancy.  They also suggested after-care for both the mother and baby following the birth.  Appropriately, the facility they visited is named “New Dawn Hospital.”

In the maternity ward Karina and Sayonara used their poster displayed above to promote breastfeeding because of its benefits to the child as well as to the mother.

Student Karina with expectant mother
Student Karina with expectant mother

With the high incidence of teen pregnancy in Nicaragua, third year students resolved to address that issue.  They helped a group of teen girls to realize the responsibility involved in parenting and the need to delay pregnancy until they can fulfill their obligations as mothers.

Sadly, violence toward women in Nicaragua is all too common.  Third year students accepted the challenge to raise awareness of this dreadful situation.  Turnout for their presentation was good and, to the surprise of the students, even a few men attended.
Dr. Marilú Rodríguez, coordinator of the third year class, proudly informed us about the good work of Adelante Mujer students.  She wrote, “We do not have economic resources but we have love and affection for women in our region.”  She also stated, “The Intercultural Medicine Program sends cordial greetings on behalf of the beneficiaries in the third year class to all the contributors to the Adelante Mujer Program.”

Sister Ann and I join Dr. Rodríguez in gratitude to each and every donor.  Your monetary gifts make a difference in so many lives.

  • Photos provided by Doctor Marilú Rodríguez

by Sister Diane, CSA———-October 26, 2015
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