How Students Qualify for Adelante Mujer Funding

As you can imagine, there are requirements for a woman to become an Adelante Mujer student who receives financial assistance for the duration of her medical education. Each woman is required to:

Have successfully finished her first year of medical school at URACCAN University

  • Complete and submit an application to Adelante Mujer
  • Present her official grade report
  • Interview with a member of the Adelante Mujer Executive Team

Acceptance of a student is determined by:

  • Her ability to maintain 80% grade point average
  • Her level of financial need
  • Her responses to specific questions during her interview

Questions which may be presented to the applicant include::

  • What motivated you to become a doctor?
  • How have you funded your education up to this point?
  • If you are you responsible for the care of children or adults, how will you meet that obligation while you are in medical school?
  • How will you finance your education if denied funding from Adelante Mujer?
  • Do you hope to specialize in any specific medical field? Which one and why?

Our criteria set for Adelante Mujer students have received enthusiastic support of URACCAN University. Grade point averages of medical students are the highest at the university. The top student of the first class of medical graduates was Adelante Mujer Dr. Ana. In the second class, Adelante Mujer Dr. Keyling achieved the second highest grade point average. Each was the honored speaker at the ceremony in which her class of new doctors recited the Hippocratic Oath.

Sister Ann regularly sends the following  message to the students and to the personnel of URACCAN University: “Adelante Mujer does not want to help provide financial assistance to educate mediocre doctors.  Our goal is to educate EXCELLENT doctors.”

by Sister Diane, CSA ~ August 1, 2016
Please consider Adelante Mujer, Inc. in your estate planning.

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