We Had to Save Her Baby


three ladies taken care of twinsHello. I am Doctor Allison and I was a student in the Adelante Mujer program between 2017-2020.I will always be grateful for all the ways Adelante Mujer has helped me make possible my dream of becoming a doctor.

After I took the Hippocratic Oath on March 24, 2021, I completed one year of internship and two years of social service. The path has been difficult but not impossible.

During my medical internship at the boarding school and social service, I have had many experiences. In each experience, I have always had God present and I feel that God has helped me to be able to move forward. Before, during and after each procedure I perceive myself, I talk to God and I ask God for wisdom, intelligence and patience so that God’s hands, through me, can help me help my patients, especially those who are in critical condition and who have often made us feel that we could lose them.

The most impactful experience for me was when I had the opportunity to witness and manage some twin patients who were only 30 weeks old; what would be 7 months of pregnancy. Both of them were born very small and we needed to treat them in the Neonatology area. Being so small, we had to proceed with intubation, management with antibiotics, and intensive care. Unfortunately, we lost one baby, and that made us feel even more, the need to help that mother and be able to give her the other twin. We labored day after day. Finally, we managed to extubate him, watched his appearance improve, and observed how he began to
take nourishment on his own.

We began to work with the kangaroo mother method, which consists of skin-to-skin contact with the mother to help the newborn increase its weight and maintain the correct temperature for its growth. Finally, our little baby twin reached the goal with the weight of 1600 grams (3½ pounds.) We were able to discharge him with counseling for the mother and weekly appointments to monitor his weight and growth, which reached 1900 grams at home.

doctor traveling to communities providing care to children


Last Friday we had a get-together for the Day of the Premature and we were able to see our baby again, now being a healthy, beautiful baby, weighing more than 2000 grams.

Another of the most beautiful experiences I have had is being able to travel to the communities to provide medical care to children, the elderly and pregnant women in the communities, communities that often do not have access to health care due to the distance from their homes. I feel lucky to be where I am and immensely grateful for the support Adelante Mujer gave me.

Once again, I send you my thanks and love. Blessings.
Doctor Allison ~ January 2024


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