My First Time Assisting at Surgery

Being a medical student during her last year of study in the Intercultural Medicine program of URACCAN University surfaces a multitude of emotions as you will read in this report submitted by Merlin. She wrote:

Merlin Assisting in surgery ~ December 2023


This first image was taken at the beginning of this second semester.  My teacher guide informed me the day before to prepare to assist him in a prostate removal surgery.  At first I was very afraid and nervous because I had never seen a procedure of this type even though he had already given us the theoretical knowledge prior to surgery.



In this second image we were already in the middle of the surgical procedure where I was totally focused.  I was fascinated by seeing and experiencing how beautiful the human body is and knowing that our lessons had described it perfectly.  There I was to observe it in person.

I also had another experience in the room that we call procedure here. One day, a female patient came because of a wound in her right thigh caused by a zinc cut.

Merlin - assisting in surgery December 2023It was my first time but I gained courage to say I would do the procedure. To calm my nerves I started singing relaxing classical music and I finished the suture. It was a beautiful, clean procedure where they congratulated me and I congratulated myself for having managed to gather courage.

This is a small piece that I wanted to share with you about my days, in the hospital of our region where we learn something new and interesting about our population every day and it gives me the pleasure of knowing that people are helped.

Each day we encourage and motivate ourselves to continue fighting for what we want to achieve. In my opinion, these small memories are unique moments that are worth every effort and sacrifice and struggle until I achieve my purpose.

I send many blessings and hugs to each of those who help us by contributing to the formation of our future as professionals and humanistic people. I am once again deeply grateful for all these years that you have helped by sending donations for us. I send blessings for each of you to enjoy good health.

Sixth-year student Merlin ~ December 2023


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