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What’s Next For Our Doctors

The very first 8 Adelante Mujer medical graduates from URACCAN (University of the Autonomous Region of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua) have now completed their 3 years of required community service. When they finished their 6 years of study, our funding stopped, but they are not yet at the end of their program nor of their expenses.

The last hurdle is to get their license or MINSA (Nicaraguan Ministry of Health) code number, which is needed in order for them to practice medicine on their own.

Until now we have not been concerned with the post-doctoral requirements since our intention was only to fund them through graduation. We have now learned, through these doctors, of the high cost for them to obtain their licenses. They must pay for tutors, jurors, thesis printing and the diploma. Then they must travel to Managua to receive their MINSA code in person. The full cost for all of this is about $800.

While these doctors were performing their community service, most, but not all of them, received a very small wage. One reported not being paid at all for months. In her case saving $800 to obtain her license would have been virtually impossible.

Although they have not asked, we see the struggle they are going through and we want to be sure they all get their licenses. After study and discussion the board has decided to pay a total of $1,680 for the eight doctors, which will help pay for the trip to Managua and the MINSA code cost.

We want to be sure that after all the effort the new doctors have put forth and your kindness and generosity in supporting them all these years, that they will all get to take the final step. As always, your support has been critical in getting them to this point and is greatly appreciated. One of the doctors wrote that she would be “eternamente agradecida” (eternally grateful) for the help.

Rita Thomas ~ Board Member ~ July 2018
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