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Adelante! Advance! Forward!

Sometimes life does not deal the cards we hoped to receive.  Sadly, Karen Heuberger has been put in that position.  Her cancer has returned and requires an indefinite length of treatment which prompted her to resign as Executive Director after two years of devoted service to Adelante Mujer.  Karen wrote, “While I have tried to serve Adelante Mujer and our students through my treatment, I know that the organization deserves a leader who can be fully focused on the mission.  Right now, I need to focus on my healing and my family.”  We thank Karen for the courage of her decision and her continued commitment to advance the Adelante Mujer cause that is so dear to her.

Sister Diane Bauknecht, Karen’s predecessor, didn’t have the plan for the cards she was dealt either.  A taste of retirement had a very enticing flavor!  Yet, like Karen, I also see the need to do what is best for Adelante Mujer and have agreed to return as its leader until a new director can be hired.

The good and advancement of Adelante Mujer inspired Karen and my decisions.  To address the current reality, our diligent Adelante Mujer Board of Directors has formed a Search Committee which is resolved in its quest to hire a new director to advance the very important work of Adelante Mujer.  Please pray that the perfect leader will be found and that the vision of Sister Ann McKean, our foundress, will “Adelante” into the future as she advanced it during her lifetime.

Sister Diane, CSA  ~  October 2023


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