The Faith and Caring of Future Physicians🙏

Adelante Mujer has always placed high expectations on students who receive financial assistance.  To be excellent doctors, they need to apply themselves as serious students who attain the learning and skills they will need in their profession.  Excellent doctors also need to convey a personal caring for each of their patients without belief they are the omnipotent healers.  Will Adelante Mujer doctors demonstrate these necessary elements?  Some of the very kind messages that students sent to Karen, our Executive Director who needed to resign due to the return of cancer, convey the compassion already brimming in their hearts and the confidence they place in the Divine Physician.

My best wishes to Karen.  We will be praying for a speedy recovery. God is the one who grants us healing, our trust is in God.   Iany


Hello Karen.  Greetings…
I am very sorry for what you are going through, it is a very difficult situation, but God is great and merciful…and will be with you throughout this process, I will ask God for your health and for your family to make a prayer chain asking for a miracle.  Have a lot of faith that with God we can do everything…
Blessings to you, may God be with you and give you the necessary strength.  Ashgannie


Good afternoon, Karen,  These are very hard stages of life but, nevertheless, God and the Blessed Virgin are in control of everything, they are in control of your life, your health, your family.  You have been very optimistic about life, a woman of example and eager to help and give happiness to others and that will help you overcome this stage.  You have been present in my prayers.  I hope that you can recover soon and always keep in mind the infallible remedy for any ailment. It is having an optimistic attitude and I know that sometimes life can hit us with an oar and put us in situations of vulnerability and rest, but have faith in God who can do everything.

Blessings from above and get well soon!

A big hug from a distance, and appreciation and love you very much.  Katia


Dear friend, I pray to God that your health improves. God is the one who has the last word and is a perfect healer. Faith can cure all illnesses and God listens to prayer. …  God save your diagnosis and be healed …  be strong in the face of this test.  God will render you healing. Amen



Karen. I hope everything goes well and you recover soon, all with the help of God.   Karla


I hope to God that our Karen is well and does not get complications. Lots of strength, may God bless her and guard her always.   Ruth

🙏 ♥️      Students in the Adelante Mujer program ~ November 2023   🙏 ♥️


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