Photos of recent doctors in Nicaraguan

Doctors on Our Wall

Each year Adelante Mujer proudly publishes the photos and first names of the newest doctors who received financial assistance from our faithful donors and grantors. It is our privilege to walk into the office each day and see all of their smiling, grateful faces and we thought you might appreciate the same inspiring view.

The first panel features the first five classes between 2014 and 2019 while the third panel pictures the classes of 2020 through 2023 with the extra photo depicting a class when they received their computers from Adelante Mujer.

The middle panel shows four very special snapshots:

  • Some of our medical students modeling lab coats (gabachas) donated by the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach of Springfield IL,
  • A room in the Bilwi hospital where our newest doctors serve as interns,
  • Our very first Doctor Ana C. on the Rio Coco (Coconut River) for a medical mission trip during her year of social service,
  • And a class of students after meeting with them while we were in Nicaragua.

To see all of them all together is inspiring, and we devotedly share the inspiration with you.
Sister Diane ~ September 2023


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