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Giving from the Heart

Below are a few of the responses we received from donors to our recent question: Please tell us why you contribute to Adelante Mujer or how you heard about us. We are grateful for their replies, some of which we share with you.

“A very dear friend served as a nurse in Nicaragua for many years and she told me about this program so I have been donating ever since.” Donna

“The Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA) helped form me in the faith through high school. My wife and I both have had contact with CSA during the past 50+ years. I have been to Nicaragua on a mission trip and was graced to meet the people and the sisters and others in Rosita, Nicaragua. I know the need in this country is great and I/we want to help.” George and Pat

“It’s a wonderful program! We are proud to sponsor a student each year.” Tim and Karen

“We continue to believe in the importance of my Aunt Ann’s (Sister Ann McKean’s) vision. I miss her every day and support Adelante Mujer, which she founded and loved so much! Debbie and Michael

“I heard about this program from a nursing school classmate, Sister Susan, and I think it is a wonderful endeavor to give my money.” Grace

“I am an Associate of the Sisters of St. Agnes, and I believe in this program. Peace and Blessings to all!” Lucille

“I used to travel to Rosita, Nicaragua for church and health mission trips. I know the Sisters of St. Agnes who are involved in Nicaragua. I know my contribution helps.” Judy

“I know Sister Diane Bauknecht and knew Sister Ann McKean. This cause of theirs keeps on going. I want to give to a successful project.” Ann

“I am sorry I can’t afford to give more.” Barb

“Sister Jane Remondino is a cousin of mine, and she knew about and told me about this program.” Sheila

Notes from a few donors ~ August 2023


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