Grateful – part 1

We hear how thankful the students are, but you don’t have the same opportunity. You deserve to receive the gratitude since the support is coming directly from you, the donors. Below are some comments from the most recent applicants who have been accepted into the program. The thoughts are from the heart, the translation from Google. 


Thank God I’m doing well in classes. I feel very grateful for the opportunity they (Adelante Mujer) has given me. Thank you for accepting me into the Adelante Mujer group.Thank you very much. Ingrid




Really thank you very much for this help you provide for me. May God bless you and the others. Laysha




That’s good news sister Diane. I am very happy that I have been approved for the grant. I pledge to work hard to keep the scholarship each semester. Best regards. Geiny



Good morning sister Diane. I hope you are in good health. The reason for this message is to thank you with all my heart for giving me the opportunity to be eligible for the scholarship. I will do everything that is in my hands in order to have a good average and I hope not to disappoint you. Again thank you. Fanny



Thank you sister Diane. God blesses me greatly. Kisses and hugs. Successes! Maikelin


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