What Are the Students Doing?

Each year, the students in Adelante Mujer submit a report about their clinical work, either with an individual patient or their overall work.  Following is a report recently received from a student.  It gives you a good idea of how the students put into practice all they are learning.

I am currently in the Ophthalmology module, where I do my clinical practices in the afternoon and night shifts once a week. For now, everything is fine, and I am up to date with classes. This year I don’t have a specific patient since I don’t have time to do daily visits to a person. The 5th year is quite full of activities with the class schedule.

But if I interact with patients on a daily basis, people already recognize me when they see me on the street and are very grateful.

This month we have assisted some communities in vaccinating adults and children against COVID-19, Tetanus and making sure that children have their complete vaccination schedule. We also give them Antiparasitic medicines.

I feel happy because the people of the communities trust us and accept that they are given the medicine, unlike in previous years when they were incredulous about the existence of certain diseases.

I have attached some photos of my clinical practices. Always grateful for your support. You are a very important part of this great dream.

Heydi, May 2023




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