River Riding Doctor

Before there was an Adelante Mujer, Sister Ann heard about an excellent medical student of URACCAN University who was struggling to pay her tuition. Sister Ann went to the university bursar, askedfor Ana’s bills, and paid the meager amount that Ana had charged in the hope that someday, somehow she could pay. Sister delivered the receipt to Ana at her home and promised Ana that when she returned to the US she would look for donors to help finance her medical education.

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9 Board Members

And Now We Are Nine

Adelante Mujer knows many, many blessings. Without a doubt, one of our great strengths is our very competent and dedicated Board of Directors. Seven members have guided the growth of Adelante Mujer until now. This blog proudly introduces two new members, each of whom was a guest at the July board meeting and was unanimously approved to serve a three year term with the other seven women directors.

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ann with students

She Always Says This

Sister Ann with students: Six of the above graduated on December 12, 2014, one took the Hippocratic Oath on January 27, 2016, one is a fifth year student

Several people have asked if we expect recipients of Adelante Mujer financial assistance to repay the funds they are given. The simple answer is “No.” The response given to students is a little longer.

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