Heydi and Ana C.

Nicaragua is a Beautiful Place

Nicaragua is often considered as synonymous with poverty. There is little doubt that this largest country of Central America has more than its share of poverty. Hurricanes earthquakes, wars, erupting volcanoes, and floods have visited their wrath upon the republic that is slightly larger than New York.

Even today electricity is often unreliable, the water supply is threatened, many roads are in deplorable condition, the education system seems to be deteriorating, numerous hospitals are substandard, too many people do not have sufficient food, various mosquito-spread diseases can become epidemic. But these realities are only a portion of the truth. As is always the case, there is “the rest of the story.”

flowersNicaragua’s beauty is exceptional. It is bordered on the east and west by bath-temperature bodies of water: the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The terrain varies between picturesque hills and mountains (none covered with snow though!) smoldering volcanoes, beautiful lakes, and extensive forests. Soil is rich and diverse with the capability to grow a wide variety of crops.
Flowers beautify Nicaragua at all times of the year because the country lies just north of the equator. Uniquely colored birds perch in trees and bushes. The sun appears each morning within exactly one hour of 6:00 am and generously shares its warmth and brilliance on almost every day of the year. Cities, towns, and barrios light up with shrines and altars for religious feasts, mariachi music wafts through the streets for festivities, and the aroma of delicious foods filters through the neighborhoods as people celebrate for any reason they can think of.

¡Viva Nicaragua! Doctors Heydi & Ana C.

It’s true, people of Nicaragua know poverty. They also know and appreciate the riches of their blessings. Family bonds are strong, spiritual ties are important, deep seated joy is evident, simple gratitude and gracious hospitality are exceptional. Nicaragua is beautiful. Nicaragua’s people are special.

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